Etno Histeria


15. 1. 2015

FESTIVAL HISTeRIA is in 2015 wandering off to the nord-east of Slovenija...

...for a while, it will transform itself into FLOATING CASTLE site-specific, Castle Snežnik, 23.–30. 8. 2015 (with peak festival happening 27.–30. 8. 2015).

Hundreds of artists will occupy Castle with its surrounding, as well as few villages in Loška Valley. Musicians, puppeteers, sculptors, painters, acrobats or clowns will perform in halls of castle, on forests on its surrounding, on floating stage on the lake, in the dormouse museum, in little cave, as well as on horse cart, fire-engine, in villagers houses, barns and stables.


23. 8. 2015: Etno Hist(e)ria Orchestra on the Castle

24.–27. 8. 2015: easygoing pre-programme around whole valley (each day 1 concert & jam)

27.–30. 8. 2015: Floating Castle Site specific (ends on sunday noon)

For any info - go to Floating web:

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